Match for Match

by Alan Proctor

I bet you're already a Writers Place member.  Did you know you may be able to double your gift to The Writers Place? If you're employed, chances are pretty good that your employer may match (sometimes more than dollar-for-dollar) any gift you make to a qualified nonprofit--like The Writers Place. 

First, Google "Matching Gifts from Kansas City Companies" to find which area employers match charitable giving--or click here to see our list from 2012.  Second: check the roster. Is your company on the list--along with Hallmark, H & R Block, Cisco Systems, Kansas City Life Insurance Company, and more than 250 others? Third, if your business is on the list, visit your HR office and let them know you'd like the company to match your gift to The Writers Place. Pretty simple, huh?

Doubling--even tripling--the amount of your gift to The Writers Place doesn't have to depend on a special one-time offer. Thanks in advance for your gift and the few minutes it will take to talk to your HR office. Oh, and bring them a favorite poem. It will make their day.