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Art Opening: If Not Now, When? Kimberly Ann Chexnayder

Opening for mixed media exhibit of work by Kimberly Ann Chexnayder, a senior at Paseo Academy. 

Artist Statement:

Drawing and painting was a hobby for me, but once I started high school, I found that it was starting to become more of a passion. It was how I expressed my feelings and it became by outlet. I became fascinated with our society and the civil injustices that surrounded our daily lives. Once I started exploring that idea, I wanted to put a twist on it. I got the idea to make art centered on the people who were direct victims of this injustice. In 2012, I went out to the streets of Kansas City and talked to local homeless men and women. I wanted to photograph them and also hear their stories from their perspective. They inspired me to raise social consciousness and produce the artwork you see in front of you now.