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Gallery Opening: "PIX" & "Poem Dresses"

  • 3607 Pennsylvania Ave Kansas City, MO, 64111 United States (map)

Featuring the works of Will Meier and Susan Kurtenbach.


What’s the difference between reading and seeing? Why is it so much more difficult to drink with our friends while enjoying a text than doing the same with a painting? Is it possible to float around, in and out of writing leisurely like we do with images? Will Meier’s ‘paintings’ in PIX explore these questions and more, toying with the mind’s eye as a canvas, imagistic language as pigment, and the stark formal arrangement of block-justified Myriad Pro as a brush. They’re hung on a wall.

Poem Dresses

Susan Kurtenbach's canvases include vintage dresses and contemporary garments of both genders. All transmit a sense of period in which the anonymous wearer lived and experienced timeless mysteries such as love, joy, loss and redemption. Wordplay gives multiple meanings and complex associations while found objects stimulate memory and emotion. This richness is tempered by simplicity associated with childhood. Her creations also include Memotional Boxes,  some of which evolved into Altar Chairs.