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Poetry Reading Circle with Catherine Anderson

The purpose of the Poetry Reading Circle is to come together to read poets of interest to the group and share perspectives. I introduce a little background information on the poet's biography and approach to poetry. We take turns reading the poems and then share our ideas and perspectives in a relaxed atmosphere.  Poets we choose are archived in the Poetry Foundation Web site so that any one can have access to the poemsPlease feel free to bring any book or poem of the author we are discussing that you would like to share in addition to the poems on the Poetry Foundation Web site.


For the next number of months, we will be reading the poets listed below. You can follow the link to the Poetry Foundation to read about the life and work of each month's poet. Download and print the poems (usually three) at the end of the bibliographic material, and bring those with you to our meeting. 

Poets for May and upcoming months:


May, Kevin Young:


June, Jane Hirshfield:


July: Pablo Neruda


August: Pattiann Rogers


September: Anna Akhmatova