How can I read at The Writers Place?

To request a reading, please download our Readings & Events Submission Form and email it to info@writersplace.org.

How can I volunteer at The Writers Place?

The Writers Place needs volunteers who can help out at events, serve on committees, help organize the library, and more. Send us your contact information through our Volunteer page.

I need to publish a book/article/poem I wrote. Can the Writers Place help me find a publisher?

The Writers Place does not provide this service. You may find the most information about publishing at your local public library in the research section. A librarian can usually assist you with finding books or other resources about publishing your work. 

I want to be in a writers group. How do I join?

The Writers Place is affiliated with several writers groups in the area. Many of these are currently operating at their capacity for membership since in order for writing groups to be effective they must be fairly small. Sometimes we have a list of people interested in particular areas of writing and when we get enough interested people, we form a new writers group. Send your contact information and interests to info@writersplace.org, and we will make sure it is passed on to the appropriate person.

I am interested in teaching a workshop at the writers place. How do I go about signing up to do this?

Please send why you are interested in teaching, a bio, the writing area and topic you would like to teach, and your contact information to info@writersplace.org. We will forward your email to the Education Committee.


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